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Funds raised through your ticket purchases will make health and wellness resources more accessible than ever, bringing healthier futures to our communities.

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Kelowna General Hospital Foundation

The Kelowna General Hospital Foundation provides life-changing care and services, keeping our families and neighbours healthy.

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YMCA of Southern Interior BC

YMCA of Southern Interior BC supports whole-person wellbeing, with programs and opportunities to help community members thrive.

Barb Leclair's Story

I have the deepest respect for both KGH and the YMCA. I am living proof that both institutions can make a profound difference in someone's life and eventual future

I am deeply honored to be here today to share my story, and to speak about the impact that this Lake Life Lottery will have for so many individuals in our community, like myself. My name is Barb Leclair, but sometimes those closest to me call me Barb 2.0, as I am essentially a rebuild!

In July 2016, I was in a major motorcycle accident. My pelvis was destroyed and detached from my right hip, my left humerus was broken in three places, I broke my right wrist, and there were a few cracked bones in other places in my body. However, one of the most significant injuries that was later proven was that I had sustained severe nerve damage to my right arm after rupturing two nerves in my shoulder.

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Bob Hansen's Story

..It's the expertise and friendship of the caring staff who keep us coming back..

Since 2004, I have experienced 3 heart attacks, triple bypass surgery, bladder cancer, ventricular tachycardia, and just recently an ischemic stroke. My wife says that I'm on my 7th life and I have both the Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) and the YMCA of Southern Interior BC to thank for making it to lucky number 7.

I was fortunate to access the expert care and advanced medical equipment in the cardiac unit at Kelowna General Hospital without having to travel elsewhere. The staff was all incredibly kind and my surgeon is one of the best in Canada.

After my third heart attack, my cardiologist implied that in order to benefit from bypass surgery, my lifestyle had to change. So, in 2013 I stopped drinking, quit smoking, improved my diet, and made the YMCA a major part of my routine...

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